Easyfix I.V Cannula

Description: With butterfly wings and with Injection stopper, with needle

  • Color-coded Catheter Body as per EN ISO – 10555.
  • Available with Normal OR Filter Hub Cover.
  • USP standards Class VI compliance, thin walled Catheters with PTFE, PUR, FEP or ETFE Clear, Radio-opaque is also available.
  • Gently tapered catheter tip aligns with the needle bevel to provide smooth transition from needle to catheter.
  • The device is available in a variety of lengths and gauges to accommodate procedural and patient needs.
  • The product is designed with completely transparent flashback chamber allows quick visualization of venous return.
  • Special transparent wings with special suture hole allows easy fixation and prevent displacement of the device over patient’s body.
  • Non-pyrogenic, Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.

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